Procrastination who me – yes you

One of my key skills often during my working day is the subtle art of procrastination especially when say I have a massive marketing report due in the morning. Or when I am sitting here dreading the next facebook status update or tweet I need to send for work. I play with this site Generatus – essentially it a social networking status generator. Which when you think about how much time you wasted over the years trying to think of something suitably witty, funny and original for your status on Facebook or Twitter?

This solves the problem. You just pop your name in the field select your sex and then click generate. For instance when I click on generate might get
“…….has enemies. Good! That means she’s stood up for something, sometime in her life.” Or perhaps
“……. has tried to know absolutely nothing about a great many things, and she has succeeded fairly well.”
Or “…….. never underestimates the power of stupid people in large groups”

Hours and hours of entertainment well five minutes at least


About madebyfate

I like to draw, paint, embroider sew by hand, dawdle, generally I like to make things. I also like to read about other people making things. Made by Fate features projects I am working on and hopefully some inspiration for people who like to create things or maybe just people who like creative things. Thank you for stopping by my blog Please don't hesitate to leave comments
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