Miranda July – Favourite Person

Miranda July is in my opinion in a nutshell a pretty cool chick. She is a performer, a writer, a filmmaker, and generally a questioner of life the universe,  in various combination’s and often all at once. I think that her  idiosyncratic style is oddly compelling to watch, read and engage in. Maybe it is that a lot of her work seems to ask the viewer to follow your dreams. Then whats not to like.

My favorite clip of hers is ‘Are you anybody’s favorite person’

‘How to make buttons’ always makes me smile


About madebyfate

I like to draw, paint, embroider sew by hand, dawdle, generally I like to make things. I also like to read about other people making things. Made by Fate features projects I am working on and hopefully some inspiration for people who like to create things or maybe just people who like creative things. Thank you for stopping by my blog Please don't hesitate to leave comments
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