There has been much written on street art vs graffiti vs stencil art etc etc. Last weekend with the weather bad and all thoughts of outdoor adventuring abandoned. I spent the afternoon going to a few abandoned warehouses in the Inner West region to see what was happening in these seemingly abandoned spaces.  Just a few snaps from the afternoon.


About madebyfate

I like to draw, paint, embroider sew by hand, dawdle, generally I like to make things. I also like to read about other people making things. Made by Fate features projects I am working on and hopefully some inspiration for people who like to create things or maybe just people who like creative things. Thank you for stopping by my blog Please don't hesitate to leave comments
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2 Responses to Graffiti

  1. Lillabilly says:

    Nice pics. Myself, I can’t but help turning my head to check out graffiti as I pass it, some of it is downright amazing.

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