Mirazozo ‘Architects of Air’

Mirazozo luminarium is a large-scale inflatable sculpture, which comes to nearly 1200m², and is currently taking over the Sydney Opera House Forecourt until the end of January 2011. Inspired by nature, geometry and Islamic art and architecture the work makes extensive use of use of an ‘illuminated seam’ feature where luminous seam lines create a scintillating lattice of light. Which means that the pattern of these neon-like strips induce the viewer’s gaze to shift between different perceptions of the same view – an effect much like one encounters in the contemplative geometric surface design of Islamic art and architecture. As such every time you visit the experience will be different, depending on the light.


About madebyfate

I like to draw, paint, embroider sew by hand, dawdle, generally I like to make things. I also like to read about other people making things. Made by Fate features projects I am working on and hopefully some inspiration for people who like to create things or maybe just people who like creative things. Thank you for stopping by my blog Please don't hesitate to leave comments
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