Power Plant

As the evening surrounds the fabric of the city, old gramophones spin glittering sounds whilst clicking lights cast vast moving shadows. Whistles rise and fall and flowerbeds are transformed by sparkling whirling machines. Walking through this enchanting space you may be forced to contemplate just what lies at the heart of this experience. Does it leaving you feeling unnerved or with a sense of wonder and whimsy these are just some of the things you will be faced with if you manage to catch Power Plant which is on display until the end of the month at the Chinese Garden at Darling Harbour.

Power Plant is a collaboration between five visual and sound artists led by Mark Anderson, who specialise in site specific installations. Together they animate and illuminate one of Sydney’s most serene and overlooked locations through a series of bewitching installations inspired by the natural environment.

The installation features the work of Artists: Mark Anderson, Anne Bean, Jony Easterby, Kirsten Reynolds and Ulf Pedersen.


About madebyfate

I like to draw, paint, embroider sew by hand, dawdle, generally I like to make things. I also like to read about other people making things. Made by Fate features projects I am working on and hopefully some inspiration for people who like to create things or maybe just people who like creative things. Thank you for stopping by my blog Please don't hesitate to leave comments
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